Private Cloud

Create your own Cloud Infrastructure

Private Cloud via RockSoft Self-Healing Infrastructure

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A breathtaking concept on managing multiple Cloud Servers in parallel within user's own Private VLAN, with fully featured RockSoft Cloud Automation.




About RockSoft Cloud Infrastructure

  • 24x7x365 Technical Support

    RockSoft provide 24x7x365 support service for all of its customers. There will ne no unsolved issues when dealing with our specialists. We guarantee fast & accurate response.

  • Stable & Fast Network

    All of our networks are being monitored closely around the clock and all clients are provided with 99.9% network uptime guarantee SLA. Trust us to bring connectivity to your data.

  • Top Notch Security

    Multiple security harware appliances & software are protecting our servers and networks from any unwanted problems. We left you well assured with latest security technologies applied.

  • Enterprise Data Protection

    Realtime data replication, hourly remote copy of data to secret location, and longer backup data retention period will make you sleep better at night. We give high priority to data safety.