About Us

RockSoft Sdn. Bhd. (818910-A) was formerly known as RockSoft Web Solutions was established on 10th of July 2005 to provide various web services to the internet users locally and worldwide. Our company provides web hosting, cloud services, and managed services. We are always ready to cater the needs of any company or individual at any time. Other than selling our products online, we also frequently consult our clients via scheduled meeting if they need our professional advise, to discuss possibility of collaboration, or to talk on custom solutions. We guarantee our customers top quality services at very affordable cost so kindly browse our website for more details on our products & services.

Cloud CDN Sdn. Bhd. (1044590-P) was established to venture in Cloud and Content Delivery Network specializing in end to end customization and solutions for enterprise entity in particularly to broadcasting industry.

The visions of this company :

  • To provide reliable web hosting & cloud services infrastructure
  • To provide managed services at affordable cost
  • To provide professional outsource services
  • To provide all-in-one web hosting features at low cost
  • To provide solutions for all types of users and market segments
  • To provide responsive & accurate technical support service
  • To provide honesty & responsibility to our clients
  • To provide simplicity to the beginner in this industry
  • To provide hassle-free web hosting experience to our customers


CEO of our company: 

Mr. Razi Yahaya is the CEO of our company. He is Multimedia University of Cyberjaya certified in Degree (Hons) Software Engineering & Games Design. He has a very deep passion in Networking, Linux, Cloud Computing, and Server Technologies. Having a big doubt about the level of knowledge appreciation he might get working with other company, this company has been established instead to make everything more worthwhile for him and the community. 

He can be contacted at razi@rocksoft.com.my